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    We provide world class coaching for individuals, teams, and organizations.

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    We provide professional coach training for new coaches, managers, and employees.

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    We provide a transformational leadership development toolkit creating intervention.

  • Get from where you are to where you need to be.

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    We're interviewing professional coaches to join our team. Set up a convenient time to meet with us here.

    Jim Hamilton


    As a certified coach and coach trainer, Jim works with c-level execs, high performance teams, and established organizations.

    Zachary Hamilton


    As a certified coach and CEO, Zachary works with entrepreneurs and artists, high performance teams, and disruptive startups.

  • Coaching

    About 60% of people are coachable. Are you? Read below to learn about the what, why, and how of coaching.

  • What is coaching?

    Coaching is a relational process that helps individuals, teams, and organizations move from where they are to where they need to be resulting in personal, professional, and organizational growth.

    What coaching is all about

    Coaching is all about growth in the context of focus and balance. Focus involves being (essence) and purpose. Emphasis is placed on fulfilling one's life purpose(s) and growing in self, social, and spiritual awareness. Balance involves doing and priorities. Coaching is all about intuitive listening and powerful questions that guide people toward achievable action steps. Coaching is both a relationship and a partnership. It's not simply a business agreement or assignment. A healthy coaching relationship is built on trust, care, and help.

    Our approach to coaching

    We help to promote the unique gifts and talents of individuals and groups in a community or particular field. Each person can potentially offer a unique contribution to society. Every so often, a person is born with a natural gift – a destiny. We often refer to these individuals as prodigies. The rest of us work hard, often for years, to develop our hobbies into trades, become experts in a particular field, and discover what our unique contribution might be.


    Truth is, we live in a world in which forces cause powerful people to seek out the prodigies and success stories among us for the purpose of exploiting creativity and innovation to gain more power, security, money, and fame. Sometimes, well-meaning advisors caution risk-takers and problem solvers and actually stifle creativity and set-back innovation.


    We desire to empower and unleash the creative spark in each person we work alongside of. We're passionate about coming alongside of both prodigies and (so called) self-made experts to unlock potential and launch projects grounded in supportive and encouraging relationships.

    Formal versus informal coaching

    Formal coaching involves a designated meeting time called a “coaching session”. The roles of coach and coachee are clearly defined. The meeting is calendared, agenda driven, and results oriented. Tasks or action items are identified and followed up on in future sessions. Informal coaching might look more like a casual meeting over coffee with a napkin talk, a phone call to touch base and talk about life, ask questions, offer support, or encouragement.

    Coaching versus mentoring

    Coaching is not just another buzz word for mentoring. Mentoring involves pouring into others by sharing knowledge and expertise with them as "mentees". Coaching is more about calling forth creativity and action buried within others. It's coming alongside of an individual, team, or organization by helping them clarify where they are, where they need to be, and how to get there. Then, journeying with them until they reach their destination. It's not a program, but a process. The asking model of coaching is critical to one's success in becoming aware, empowered, and whole.

  • Why coaching works

    There are an estimated 47,500 professional coaches across the world bringing in an annual income close to $2 Billion each year. And according to a 2009 ICF Global Coaching Client Study, 99% of clients being coached by an ICF credentialed coach were satisfied with the overall experience. Here's the rest of the report:

    Why has coaching grown so rapidly? Because it works!


    Experienced improved work performance


    Experienced improved business management


    Experienced improved time management


    Experienced improved team effectiveness


    Experienced improved self-confidence


    Experienced improved communication skills


    Experienced improved life / work balance


    Individuals that made back at least their investment


    Businesses that made back at least their investment

  • The value we create

    In both personal and professional contexts, Jim and Zachary Hamilton seek to unlock passion and creativity in people by helping them move from ideas to action to achieve originality. We help our clients get from where they are to where they need to be.


    Coaching skills can be learned and applied by anyone daring enough to work at it. Our companies, industries, and communities would benefit greatly if more people were trained in the art of listening and asking powerful questions.

    What coaching does

    We’re committed to coming alongside of individuals, teams, and organizations to address growth in sustainable ways that are good for the whole person, business, and the world. Coaching emphasizes self-care, family-care, and others-care.

    Coaching for individuals

    Coaching for individuals provides accountability, creates action plans, works toward clarity, exposes gaps, celebrates success, moves toward results, turns potential into productivity, considers options, empowers, transforms, supports, and helps us get from where we are to where we want to be. A tightly wound cord cannot be easily broken. Coaching promotes self, social and spiritual awareness. It helps individuals focus on being before doing.

    Coaching for teams

    Coaching for teams initiates a collective alignment shift from doing to thinking, integrates individual and group pace by aligning individual pace with group focus, invokes a solutions oriented culture, and looks at both internal and external focus. It also addresses growth barriers and solutions, enhances communication, exposes gaps, moves toward results, considers options, results in more out of less, and provides ongoing support.

    Coaching for organizations

    Coaching for organizations involves asking questions, trying on the culture and considering the brand. Results may include fast “on boarding” and a prospecting culture, higher return on investment (ROI), effective customer relations management (CRM), a supportive, creative environment for teams, synchronized execution, a sales pipeline strategy, and a shift in workforce activity to assessment and adoption of brand practices.

  • More about coaching

    We customize our services to meet our client's needs. Here are our coaching specializations, customer segments we're targeting, and potential action items.

    Coaching specializations

    Business coaching (i.e. startups and existing businesses)

    Decision makers at existing businesses as well as pre-revenue startups

    Corporate or executive coaching

    Executive leaders as well as early-stage entrepreneurs

    Creativity coaching or coaching for creatives

    Artists and musicians with creative block

    Marriage or relationship coaching

    Couples who want to improve their relationship

    Life or lifestyle coaching (i.e. wellness, transitional)

    Individuals who want to upgrade and become a better version of themselves

    Spiritual (i.e. ministry)


    Vocational ministers who feel isolated or who want to grow in spiritual awareness

    Sales and marketing coaching

    Decision makers who want to increase sales through marketing strategies

    Grief coaching

    Individuals, families, and communities grieving significant loss

    Result #1

    Gain a better understanding of your unique design as a person

    Result #2

    Create a personal or professional development plan (PDP)

    Result #3

    Clarify and connect passion and calling

    Result #4

    Develop character and increased confidence

    Result #5

    Expand core competences in the context of leadership development

    Result #6

    Self assess and make adjustments based on new awareness

    Result #7

    Learn how to lead and navigate change

  • Coach Training

    Earn a minimum of 16 hours of coach training for $395 per person. ($995 industry value)

  • More about coach training

    The Foundational Coaching Clinic© is a personal and professional development clinic designed to train leaders to formally and informally coach individuals toward accomplishing personal and professional goals. A completion certificate is awarded to all participants.

    Value added

    Solve problems

    Help others develop their own plan of action that best fits their circumstance.

    Retain employees

    Clinic is designed to equip and empower employees with core competencies.

    Develop leaders

    Practice “state-of-the-art” coaching skills and a coach-approach to leadership.

    Day one (Part 1)

    Being a Coach; Trust and Creating a Coaching Environment, Personal Paradigm Shifts

    Day one (Part 2)

    The Six-Step Process of Coaching; The Coaching BRIDGE© Model

    Day one (Part 3)

    Coaching Skills; Listening Intuitively, Powerful Questioning

    Day two (Part 1)

    Coaching Skills (continued); Encouraging Action, Giving

    Day two (Part 2)

    Defining Personal Coaching Styles

    Day two (Part 3)

    Coaching Inside and Outside Your Organization

    Host a clinic

    Provide coach training to your organization or city. Contact us!

  • Leadership

    Get transformational results and construct a new way of seeing yourself, others, your industry, and the world around you.

  • More about leadership development

    We customize our services to meet our client's needs. We deliver a smorgasbord of personal professional, and organizational development workshops for business professionals, nonprofit activists, and creatives. We use assessments to help create intervention for individuals, teams, and organizations in every sector.


    Verticle #1: Technology

    Internet; Smart Technology; Energy; Hi Tech

    Verticle #2: Healthcare

    Hospital Systems; Home Health; Pharma

    Verticle #3: Entertainment

    Production; Record Labels; Agencies

    Verticle #4: Faith-based

    501c3s; Networks; Associations

    Verticle #5: Finance

    Banks; Credit Unions; Investment Companies

    Verticle #6: Manufacturing

    Automotive; Industrial; Aerospace; Defense

    Verticle #1: Logistics

    Transportation; Insurance Agencies; Lifestyle 

    For Individuals

    Time Management; Coaching Processes; Poverty Alleviation

    For Teams

    Powerful Teams; Effective Communication; High Performance Meetings

    For Organizations

     Building Process (Refocus); Strategic Planing; Conflict Management

    Birkman Method®

    In depth, multi-dimensional assessment


    Personal behavioral assessment tool

    For Conflict

    Conflict resolution style assessment tool


    Fascination advantage assessment tool


    Calling and gifting assessment tool


    5 love languages assessment tool

  • Kevin (GA)

    "Jim is one of the most highly competent leaders I have ever worked with and his ability to provide practical and effective coaching has helped me be a better leader. Jim encourages growth and helps facilitate movement when leaders face "road blocks" and discouragement that often hinder leadership effectiveness."

    Becki (GA)

    "Life coaching has woven clarity into my life. I am relearning the value of being before doing and it is transformational. Life coaching is helping me celebrate success, while working through action plans. Living life with more self awareness and focus is releasing an overflow of joy and impacting every area."

    Tyler (TN)

    "I think the world of Zach! Every conversation or session with him seems to invite me into an entirely new and inspiring way to think. I'd highly recommend him as a partner, resource, or friend for the journey. Not to mention, he has a legendary beard!"

    Josh (TN)

    "Zach's guidance has helped me manage frustrations, celebrate wins, and create action points; keeping me focused and productive. Our time together and his calming approach help me to decompress and refuel as a leader and founder."

    Ray (GA)

    "Jim possesses a very unique skill set that has allowed him to assist me. For a busy business owner/operator, I have found my relationship with Jim to be invaluable."

    Linda (SD)

    "Jim's passion, inspiration, knowledge and dedication set the tone right away, as he focuses all of that energy and commitment on you and your goals."

    John (SD)

    "Zach's passion and energy make him a natural leader. He is able to bring a high level of creativity to bear on community challenges. His optimism is contagious."

    Rob (TN)

    "Zach genuinely cares about each and every person he meets. He has a natural gift that brings joy, vision, and optimism into every conversation he has."

    David (TX)

    "Zach is passionate about his business and customer service opportunities. He has many contacts, and is willing to help others along the way. Zach is a giver, and likes to help and assist people."

    Lee (TX)

    "Great guys who have a knack for being extremely creative and outside the box thinkers."

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